Friday, October 5, 2012

New Activities going on at the Library

October brings new programs to the libraries as three groups of GEAR UP students start their library skills program that will run through December. The staff welcomed all of them and talked to them about the policies and services of the library on their first visit. The Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library and the staff are so grateful to be able to work with GEAR UP this year. Ms. Freya Hoppert, a Peace Corps Volunteer, has prepared the lesson plans for this semester for the GEAR UP teachers to use during their visits to the library. The program is intended to help students learn how the library is organized and how to research topics using the resources at the library. This program meets Monday-Wednesday after school during GEAR UP. Another new program that has just started is the College Prep Program. It’s a program for interested seniors who are planning to further their education abroad after graduating. Volunteers from WorldTeach, Peace Corps, and Jesuit Volunteers International are working with students from PICS and OLMCHS to take needed entrance exams, explore educational options, and prepare applications. Students were chosen for the program through essays that explained why they wanted to study abroad and what they hoped to gain from the experience. This program meets weekly on Thursday evenings.

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