Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pohnpei Public Library Received Assistance and Donations


On Friday, November 2, 2012, The Pohnpei Public Library hosted a painting party. It was a party that the staff, volunteers, and Board members gathered together to paint inside and outside the library. After a year of the renovation, the staff decided to touch up paint on the writings, stains and the dirt on the walls. In addition, the benches and sandbox were painted.

While painting, the Rotary Club Members brought 2 tons of boxed books for donations. School librarians and principals were invited to get books for their libraries. Peace Corps volunteers and WorldTeach folks were also showed up to get books for their schools.

And finally the same day, everything turned into a big party. The staff, volunteers, and members brought in dishes of food for a pot-luck to thank the volunteers who helped that day, Rotary club donation of books, and a farewell for one of the Peace-Corp whom is leaving.The staff and the Friends of the Pohnpei would like to thank all the supporters for the Pohnpei Public Library.

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