Friday, April 20, 2012

Library Week 2012

This year Pohnpei Public Library celebrated its 24th Anniversary with a “Library Week,” from April 9 to 13. The theme for this year’s celebration was “DREAM BIG.”
Two Schools visited the Library to participate in the events on Thursday and Friday. 4th graders from Lukop and Sapwalap Elementary Schools had the opportunity to come to the library for a tour and story.  Fourth graders heard stories from guest readers Tania Sufficool and Laurie Eastup.
On Friday evening, the library held a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary and to recognize essay and art contest winners. The program began with an invocation from Senator Ishmael Lebehn.  He also went on and welcomed everyone to the ceremony. This year we were fortunate to have two keynote speakers. The first Keynote was Dr. Rufino Mauricio, he talked about the theme and asked the students to share their ideas about their big dreams. One of the students responded by saying that she dreams that there will be world peace. The second speaker was Professor Susan Moses and she shared a story with the audience entitled “The Little Red Hen." Moses also talked to the students about how important it is to read in order to achieve our dreams. 
The program ended with the presentations of awards to the students who were selected as winners for the art and essay contest.
Art winners were Milan Preston Porter, CCA, Kindergarten; Rhea Mae Buensalido, CCA, 1st grade;  Vernica David, Ohmine School, 2nd grade; James Olmos, Kolonia School, 3rd grade; Morena David, ESDM, 4th grade; Sheffy Ezekias, CCA, 5th grade; Jance Henry, Palikir School, 6th grade; John John, ESDM, 7th grade; Destiny Etse, SDA, 8th grade; Nate Anson, NMHS, 9th grade; RoxeAnne Fredrick, NMHS, 11th grade; and Brittney Itimai, 12th grade, SDA.
Essay winners were Jenna Helieisar, PCS, 2nd grade; Roseleen Iohp, Kolonia School, 4th grade; Sidney Nanpei, Ohmine School, 5th grade; Hersiann Ligohr, Nett School, 6th grade; Natalia Lohn, Ohmine School, 7th grade; Sonsha Padock, CCA, 8th grade; Avriel M. Merencillo, CCA, 9th grade; Ellisa Marie Hadley, CCA, 10th grade; Siorine Pahmer, MHS, 11th grade; and Kevin Jr. Kiyoshi Ihara, CCA, 12th grade.
Pohnpei Public Library wants to express its gratitude to the following individuals, businesses and organizations for their contributions and support that made this Library Week successful.
Businesses include Ace Hardware, Ace Office Supplies, Amcres, Blue Nile, China Star Restaurant, Dollar-Up Enterprises, Happy Mart, Micro, Palm Terrace, Panuelo Enterprises, Pitt Stop, Pohnpei Clean Living, Pohnpei Computer Consulting, Scooby’s and XIX Store.

Organization and Individual Volunteers and Contributors include Dr. Rufino Mauricio, Ms. Susan Moses, Carol Hayes, Cori Jo Jahnsen, Janelle Santos, Kenneth Girrard, Laurie Eastup, Lori Wohlgemuth, Tania Sufficool, Janet Panuelo and the College of Micronesia-Pohnpei Campus.

Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their contributions to the Adopt-a-Magazine Program and to the Library's wish lists on Aaron Nighswander, Alex Zuccarelli, Alison Stenger, Emanuele Taibi, Ira Shiflett, Amy Prahar, Marstella Jack, Michael Benjamin, Lynn & Terry Hoot, Yvonne Neth, Lara Studzinski, John P. Ranahan, Jean Ranahan, Adam Thompson, Anthony & Cheri Zuccarelli, Diane Isherwood, Janet Isherwood, Elaine Isherwood, Richard MacNeace, Chris Hilbert, Dreamworlds Beyond Time, and Eugene Joseph.


sylvia said...

Congratulations to all the student winners and also to all the officials, organizers, sponsors, contributors and volunteers....especially to US Peace Corps volunteer Janelle Santos!!!! We are so proud of you. Continue to dream big and to inspire the younger generation...the future world leaders !

sylvia said...

Congratulations for a job well done!

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