Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Library Database

The Pohnpei Public received a grant from Aus Aid Small Scheme Grant for technology upgrade. The grant purchased the Destiny Library Manager and 4 computers with 4 back-up batteries. The Library Destiny Manager is set up as a web browser database (destiny.) that is connected via our Wi-Fi router.  Therefore, all patrons can access it when they are connected to our wireless network at the PPL.  Moreover, all our computers can access the database through our ADSL internet connection. 

This project has provided the students and patrons with technologically advanced skills to better prepare them for the modern world.  Instead of browsing through the card catalogue, the database has made searching more economical and efficient. Users can simply type in their search terms into the title, author or subject and it will immediately display a list of the resources and their locations. Patrons can go directly from the database to the web browser and log into the internet to search for library-related materials that are not available in the PPL database. 
Furthermore, the Destiny Manager has increased staff efficiency with regards to cataloguing all incoming books.

PPL is constantly receiving donated books, so there is much need to input the information so that books can immediately be shelved for the patrons.   Destiny allows the user to download book-related material quickly from Marc Record, a book database with all cataloguing information, and input it directly into the Library Destiny Manager.  Moreover, we are able to complete the cataloguing from not only the one computer, but from all computers that are connected to the Wi-Fi.  Therefore, more people, including volunteers, have acquired the cataloguing skills and increased the number of books available to the public. 

The Library Destiny Manager had not only been beneficial for our patrons but also for the PPL staff and volunteers.  
 With regards to book check-out, interlibrary loan, and patron information, Destiny Manager is a user-friendly system that has revolutionized the Circulation Desk at PPL.  Library staff can easily locate patrons, print reports on overdue items, and calculate fines for the patrons.  More importantly, we can now create statistical reports on collections to determine books that may need to be sorted from our collection or books that are popular among our patrons.

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