Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Camp 2012 Celebration


Summer Camp 2012 Celebration

The Pohnpei Public Library celebrated the Summer Program 2012 on August 1, 2012. There was a short program that was prepared for the day, Ms. Cori Jo Jahnsen welcomed everyone, followed by two songs and a skit by the participants. The first song was sang by all the participants from the Early Literacy section entitled the “Bats are sleeping, the second song was performed by the  the intermediate students entitled “Rainbow Connection” and the last one was a skit performed by the teen entitled “Where the wild Things Are”. All the participants received certificates and books presented by Dosihner Jose and Cori Jo Jahnsen. In closing, Lester Ezekias, Head Librarian, thanked everyone for their support and contribution to Pohnpei Public Library. He also handed out certificates to the contributors for this year on behalf of the Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library.
The Theme for this year’s Summer Program was “DREAM BIG READ”. From the theme, the instructors shared stories and provided activities for the kids. The kids learned songs,  made crafts and enjoyed other fun and educational activities. The Program was funded through a grant from Australian Foreign Aid. One of the goals was to increase the number of participants, with over 200 students registered in the program, the library met their goal. This Summer Reading has been very successful with the involvement of the volunteers, parents, participants and the contributors for this year.

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