Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flash Cards Donated By IREI

Caption: Children and staff appreciating the donation of IREI’s 2012 products to Pohnpei Public Library. Standing in the back row are Ms. Yvonne Neth (IREI), Mr. Lester Ezekias (PPL), and Ms. Freya Hoppert (PCV).

In this issue of IREI Update, we wish to communicate the relationship our organization has with key libraries in the region. As the foremost developer and publisher of textbooks, didactic resources, and educational materials in the FSM, we take special care that the benefits of our hard work can reach all interested children and individuals, even outside the normal classroom context. For that reason, we donate a certain number of copies of every publication we release to libraries such as Pohnpei Public Library, College of Micronesia Pacific Collection, Micronesian Seminar, and the Pacific Collection at Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii. In the near future, we plan to include the MARC library at University of Guam and the U.S. Library of Congress as regular recipients of our products.

-Island Research & Education Initiative (IREI)

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