Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Library Week 2014

This year Pohnpei Public Library celebrated its 26th Anniversary with a “Library Week,” from Monday, April 21 to Friday, April 25. The theme for this year’s celebration was “LIVESCHANGE AT LIBRARIES.”
Two groups from Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) visited the Library to participate in the events of the week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The students had the opportunity to visit the library for a tour of the library by the staff.
On Friday evening, the library held a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary and to recognize essay and art contest winners. The MC, Ms. Dosihner Jose, began the program by acknowledging the presence of the Diplomatic Corps, Her Excellency, Doria Rosen, US Ambassador, His Excellency Mr, Zhnag, Lian Yun, Chinese Ambassador, and recognizing the Board of Directors, and everyone at the event. Pastor Rekenson Gallen presided the prayer.  Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library (FPPL) Acting President Mr. Ishmael Lebehn welcomed everyone by advising people to use the library as a place to get resourceful information. The history of the library was delivered by Head Librarian, Mr. Lester Ezekias. This year, library was fortunate to have Ms. Phyllis Silbanuz, former Board of Directors, to be the Keynote Speaker of the evening. She spoke mostly about how the library had changed her life while she was in school. She also shared a poem taken from an online source, The  It’s written by children’s laureate, Julia Donaldson to address the problem of libraries being closed.

Everyone is welcome to walk through the door.
It really doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.
There are books in boxes and books on shelves.
They're free for you to borrow, so help yourselves.

Come and meet your heroes, old and new,
From William the Conqueror to Winnie the Pooh.
You can look into the Mirror or read The Times,
Or bring along a toddler to chant some rhymes.

The librarian's a friend who loves to lend,
So see if there's a book that she can recommend.
Read that book, and if you're bitten
You can borrow all the other ones the author's written.

Are you into battles or biography?
Are you keen on gerbils or geography?
Gardening or ghosts? Sharks or science fiction?
There's something here for everyone, whatever your addiction.

There are students revising, deep in concentration,

Over in the corner there's a table with seating,
So come along and join in the Book Club meeting.

Yes, come to the library! Browse and borrow,
And help make sure it'll still be here tomorrow.
The program ended with the presentations of awards to the students who were selected as winners for the art and essay contest.
Art winners were Violet Mataek, K5, CCA; KayKen Paulus, ECE, Senpehn;  Monae Jebehn, 2nd grade, CCA : Elizabeth Sorto, 3rd grade, CCA; Jennah Helgenberger, 4th grade, Nett Elem. School; Maximus Perman, 5th grade, Nett Elem. School; Rodrigan Paul, 6th grade, Palikir Elem. School; Millanie Talley, 7th grade, Seinwar Elem. School; Ioanis Saimon, 8th grade, Salapwuk Elem. School; Ike Orlando, 10th grade, MHS; Andreas Kuo, 11th grade, MHS; and Nelsin Mack, 12th grade, MHS.
Essay winners were Nicole Adams,CCA, 3rd grade; Caralina Saimon, 4th grade, Salapwuk Elem. School; Kuuipo Stevenson, 5th grade, Nett Elem. School; Molly Wendoline, 6th grade, Nett Elem. School; Kohen Higinio Weirlangt, 7th grade, CCA; Arrio Abello, 8th grade, Ohmine Elem. School; Marissa Boylan, 9th grade, CCA; Sonsha Padock, 10th grade, CCA; Cyrena Panuelo, 11th grade, CCA; and Tyana Musrasrik, 12th grade, CCA.
Pohnpei Public Library wants to express its gratitude to the following businesses and organizations for their contributions and support that made this Library Week successful.
Sponsors include Ace Office Supplies, FSM Telecom, Blue Nile, Panuelo Enterprises, Pohnpei True Value, Palm Terrace, Happy Mart, Ace Commercial, Wallace Theatre, Do It Best Hardware, Black Sand Store, and Nett Elementary School.

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