Thursday, April 28, 2016

Library Week 2016

This year Pohnpei Public Library celebrated its 29th Anniversary with a “Library Week,” from Monday, April 11 to Friday, April 15. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Library: A Place of Learning”. During the week the Micronesian Studies students from College of Micronesia-FSM were invited to share stories about Pohnpei to some ECE schools. The ECE schools that participated in this event were Lukop ECE, Wapar ECE and Wenik ECE.

On Friday evening, April 15, 2016, the library held a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary and to recognize essay and art contest winners. This event began with a prayer by Wahnporon Bruce Robert.   The Vice President of the Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library (FPPL) Ms. Lynn Pangelinan welcomed everyone on behalf of the FPPL members and staff.

The program ended with the presentations of awards to the students who were selected as winners for the art and essay contest. Art winners were Whynona Inos, ECE Wenik School, Victoria Laphey Ioanis Wenik ECE School, Eunice Luke, Sapwalap ECE, Niaa Jonathan, 1st grade from Lukop Elem. School, Brandon Gomez, 1st grade from Ohmine Elem. School;  Hannika Robert, 1st grade from Lukop School; Kaia Pillar Akinaga, 2nd grade from CCA School; Ashanti Kate Naranja, 2nd grade from CCA School; Jago Santiago, 2nd grade from Ohmine School; Alyssa Soriano, 3rd grade from CCA School; Thomas Primo, 3rd grade from Awak School; Artisha Lynn Kehpas, 3rd grade from Nett School.
 Essay winners were Janet L. Etger, 4th grade from Lukop School; Lou-Saintra Sahle, 4th grade from Lukop School; Jaydyn Cherri Ponaport, 4th grade from Nett School; Grant Houston, 5th grade from PCS; Isabella Kostka, 5th grade from Awak School; Jeney Pelep, 5th grade from Nett School; Lavonna Abraham, 6th grade from Ohmine School; Quincy Le-tish Mae Gomez, 6th grade from Nett School; Jonnah Helgenberger, 6th grade from Nett School; Noah Adams, 7th grade from CCA; Fiji Meshak Phillip, 7th grade from Ohmine School; Vince Joy Perman, 7th grade from CCA; Audrey Antreas, 8th grade from Awak School; Mary Jae Ardos, 8th grade from Seinwar School; Mariona Olter, 8th grade from Nett School; Kensley Giltamag, 9th grade from OLMCHS; Keana Mursarik, 9th grade from OLMCHS; carina Jano, 9th grade from OLMCHS; Nicole Faye S. Liao, 10th grade from CCA; Julie Mongkeya, 10th grade from OLMCHS; Rianna Richard, 10th grade from OLMCHS; Molisi Toll, 11th grade from OLMCHS; Tulau Overhoff, 11th grade from OLMCHS; Tyler Nanpei, 11th grade from OLMCHS; Asmara Nanpei Pretrick, 12th grade from OLMCHS; Isako Peterson, 12th grade from CCA; Fiona Matiea Nelson, 12th grade from CCA.

Pohnpei Public Library wants to express its gratitude to the following businesses, individuals and agencies for their contributions and support that made this Library Week successful one. Sponsors include 7-stars, Leo Etscheit Enterprises, Ace Office Supplies, Arnold’s Pizza, Pohnpei Arts and Crafts, Bank of FSM, China Star Restaurant, Happy Mart, P-4, Panuelo Gas Station, PCR Nantelik Restaurant, Pohnpei Utilities Corp, Sea Breeze, XIX Store and Ms. Lou Ann Garvey.

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