Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pohnpei Rotary Club Donation

Pohnpei Public Library received a $2000.00 check from Pohnpei Rotary Club to assist with the Children's section renovation which is one of the current ongoing project to provide more space for the room.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Library Week 2019


This year Pohnpei Public Library celebrated its 32th Anniversary with a “Library Week,” from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26, 2019. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Libraries Your Passport to Discovery”. On the first three days of the week, USNMBC FOUR or Navy Team helped the Library painted the building with new color as part of the event.

On Friday evening, the library held a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary and to recognize essay and art contest winners. This event began with a prayer by Sounpadahk Roddy Robert. Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library (FPPL) Treasurer, Uta Krause, gave a welcoming remark. This year, library was fortunate to have Ms. Delihna Ehmes, Professor and Chairman of the Social Science Department, College of Micronesia-FSM to be the Keynote Speaker of the evening. On her speech, she shared on how the library can help to discover oneself.
The program ended with the presentations of awards to the students who were selected as winners for the art and essay contest. Art winners were Isaiah Paul, K-5 SDA School;  Hailey Fredrick, ECE, Wenik School;  Paetricon Fredrick, ECE, Wenik School; Elisheva Lucios, 1st grade, CCA School; Joshua Enlet, 1st grade, SDA School; Cheiann Elymore, 1st grade, SDA School;  Grace Rodriquez, 2nd grade, CCA School; Keila Eliam, 2nd grade, CCA School; Kanye Jano, 2nd grade, SDA School; Angelika Aten Kang, 3rd grade, Kolonia Elem. School; Kiaz Gilmete, 3rd grade, Kolonia Elem. School; Faith Irons, 3rd grade, Ohmine, Elem. School; Kaiatia Mallarme, 4th grade, CCA School; RD Santos, 4th grade, Kolonia Elem. School; Chanielle Carl, 4th grade, Kolonia Elem. School.

Essay winners were Jayleen Eluel, 5th grade, Parem School;  DeAnne Ehmes, 5th grade, CCA School;  Merisa Victor, 5th grade, CCA School; Erikeda Opisbo, 6th grade, Awak School; Alyssa Soriano, 6th grade, CCA School; Emari Angelynn H. Ignacio, 6th grade, CCA School; Christendon Nelper, 7th grade, Kolonia, Elem. School; Dyna Santos, 7th grade, Kolonia Elem. School;  Grace Aldis, 7th grade, Kolonia Elem. School; Aldred Tecson, 8th grade, Kolonia Elem. School; Lia Purina Amor, 8th grade, Awak School; Tanisha Madhu Sharma, 8th grade, Kolonia, Elem. School

Pohnpei Public Library wants to express its gratitude to the following businesses, individuals and agencies for their contributions and support that made this Library Week successful one. Sponsors include China Star Restaurant, Deja Brew, Riverside, FSM Development Bank, Fusion, Joy Restaurant, Kaselehlie Diner, Micro Printer & Alterations, PCR Nantehlik, US Embassy, USNMCB FOUR, Bank of FSM, 4-TY Enterprises, Ace office Supplies, Caroline Fisheries Corp, IOM, Koismy Rudolph, Delihna Ehmes and Roddy Robert.


Monday, April 15, 2019

LAMP, Inc. President Presentation

On April 12, 2019, Libraries, Archives and Museums of Pohnpei (LAMP, Inc.) had a meeting at the Library to update on the IMLS grant, FSM ALAM 5 year plan and financial report. Members request a copy of the 5 year plan to be circulated so that all the members can review and provide their inputs on the next meeting. According to Treasurer Ms. Ernest, $60,000.00 will be received from Institute of Museums of Libraries Services to assist with the proposals of the 5 year plan. She will try to get more information from the Historic Office and share on the next meeting.

Financial report updated by LAMP, Inc. Treasurer, Ms. Ernest. In her report she provided a copy of the passbook and explained the expenses and the fund deposited. LAMP, Inc. President Ms. Heliaiser encouraged everyone to check on their membership fee and make payments to update if needed.

Followed by the meeting, a short presentation was shared by LAMP, Inc. President on the resources that they provide at the College Library. Web OPAC is an online public access catalog that people can search on through internet to see their collections. Two video editor program were also shared to provide assistance to the Librarians to create videos for their collections to be able to view by patrons on video format.


Friday, April 12, 2019

More donations from Pohnpei Fishing Club

Pohnpei Fishing Club has been a big supporters for the Pohnpei Public Library. They have given so much in the past helping our reading program, donating books and picture taking equipment and etc.

At the Fishing tournament they provide a small space for hot dog sales on the days of the tournament and the fund collected from the sales use to buy books and other library needs.

I am very grateful to share that we just received two (2) boxes of children's new books from them. I would like to express our appreciation to Pohnpei Fishing Club for their continuing support and valuable contributions.


Calvary Christian Academy School Visit Libray

On April 8-11, we did a tour for the 4th to 6th graders from Calvary Christian Academy School. During the tour we were able to shared with the kids about the rules and regulations that we have. After briefly going through our rules, the kids then divided up into two groups for a short tour.

During the tour, I explained about the Dewey Decimal System and how we used this to arrange our books. I pointed out where the reference are, Pohnpei collections including other pacific collections. I  walked them to the circulation desk and explained to them about our membership card and how to become a membership. I also showed them how to use the public access catalog computer to search for books in our Library.

Friends of the Pohnpei would like to express their sincere gratitude for the visit and looking forward to work with the teachers and students in the future for their projects.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Donation to Mand ECE

Head Librarian Lester Ezekias and Ms. Beyleen M. Cornelius
On Friday, October 12, 2018, Ms. Beyleen M. Cornelius, Mand Early Childood Education Center Suprvisor received a copier from Pohnpei Public Library to help the staff in preparation of the class activities. She was very grateful for the donation and said that this will help a lot since they have to walk to the Principal's Office to make copies everyday.

This copier was donated by Ms. Uta Finnen but Pohnpei Public Library already have one and  decided to donate to schools or libraries needed. Mand ECE was one of the schools that send in a request asking for anything that will assist with their classes.

Mand ECE supervisor expressed her sincere gratitude to Pohnpei Public Libray and the Board of Directors for the donation.

Bookbinding Training

Libraries, Archives and Museums of Pohnpei  (LAMP, Inc.) Association members have completed a three day workshop on bookbinding. The workshop was coordinated by Ms. Katherine Grant (Australian Embassy, Pohnpei) and Lester Ezekias (Pohnpei Public Library). Ms. Erika Mordek, Reference Librarian for the National Library of Australia, was very generous to share her skills on bookbinding to the librarians in Pohnpei. LAMP Inc. would like to express its sincere gratitude to Ms. Erika Mordek, Ms. Katherine Grant and Australian Embassy for their valuable support and assistance.

On the week of 10-14, Ms. Mordek conducted hands on training on pamphlet sewing, oriental bindings and multi section sewing. Most of the material used were provide by the Australian Embassy and Ms. Mordek.